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How To Align Content To Buying Cycles Infographic

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5 Rules of B2B Content Engagement Infographic

5 Rules of B2B Content Engagement The essentials of content engagement are universal – they start with your customer, rather than your product or service.

Many demographic filters are a waste of money for lead or list acquisition. Why? Because they concentrate on what people have filled out on a form rather than what they are doing. They are an artificial means of segmenting an audience. I spent years fulfilling, selling, and buying lead generation commitments for clients with filter guarantees on titles, country and company size. These filters are still being used by companies and they pay a lot for them; increase your filters, and you increase your cost per lead by as much as $50 per lead in some instances. There are better ways to spend that money and attract the buyers you want. Content.

When you spend money on arbitrary filters based on forms your potential buyer filled out with some else, you are artificially going after an audience that may or may not be in the market for your product. Let’s look at job titles. Job titles for the same position are as varied as different breeds of dogs. Let’s say you sell a Widget software solution. Just because an IT employee filled out a form and said he was a manager, doesn’t mean he’s interested in your Widget software. He might not need a Widget solution right now. He may have already purchased a Widget solution this month. Why spend the money to market to him just because he could possibly buy a Widget if he wanted to? However, if said IT manager is researching content on Widgets and is comparing product features, you had better reach him now instead of next quarter. Or as a manager, he may be assembling data for someone else to make a decision. If so, when you target that IT manager only, you are missing the decision maker. I would argue that you just excluded a potential buyer rather than targeted one.

I know, sometimes filters seem like the best way to fish in a smaller pond because you are basing your filters on the last place you caught fish. It seems reasonable to market to a target based on past purchases or stats, but there are enough ways to go after your REAL target audience. Paying for a job title, company size, or even a country filter to reach them isn’t one of them. Think about it.